First, we do our best to break the TMI (too much information) rule. If you haven't already noticed our descriptions can sometimes include a lot of information. We do not believe in giving only part of the details concerning a specific item. We want your buying decision to be fully informed. When we find out that we did not include an important point, we update our listings immediately. 

Second, we do not look for the cheapest way to package and ship the beautiful pieces we have available. For example, we wrap glass items until it’s nearly impossible to feel the item inside. We strive for no damages in transit. While we do not want to be wasteful, we certainly do not believe in shortcuts to save an extra foot of bubble wrap or six inches of tape. We package the item as if it were going around the country and back to us. 

Third, we do our best to ship expedited USPS which is 2-3 days or FedEx 1-5 days if they are available vs. the less expensive 2-8 day methods. While we cannot guarantee these methods because of size limitations, etc., we do our best to get your item delivered in as short a time as possible.

Fourth, we do not call everything antique. We have to be overwhelmingly convinced an item is over 100 years old if we list it as an antique. There is a cultural practice prevalent today that refers to new items as antique or vintage because the particular piece has an antique patina aged appearance or is some sort of reproduction of a popular vintage original. It is against our beliefs to deceive anyone - knowingly, unknowingly, accidentally, or otherwise. While we can make mistakes, we want our customers to have an idea of what sort of company they are placing their confidence in. 

Finally, we do not forget about our customers once their package has shipped. We follow delivery and respond to reviews. 

Thank you for shopping with us.