Vintage Treasures and Priceless Memories – This Shop Owner's Inspiration    

If you like vintage, mid-century, or antique treasures simply because they are beautiful with a dash of the mysterious thrown in, you are off to a great start. However, this could easily get us a one-way ticket to stardom – on a future episode of “Hoarding – Buried Alive”. 

Instead, perhaps we should see the great potential that vintage and older pieces can have to make life a lot more colorful and conversational.   

Of course, it is obvious that there is something already holding the scales down in favor of all things vintage and older as I have to admit - " I am biased". But wait - I will start with the simple first. 

I have an appreciation for vintage “stuff”. I believe if we would use what we already have we would not have as much need to manufacture many of the items continually produced today. Thereby, we would reduce our footprint on the planet. Too, vintage stuff just feels better when you set it out, put it on, put it up, drink or eat from it, hang it on the wall, or walk by it in the display cabinet.    

But most importantly, these older treasures act as catalysts stirring our hearts with memories and our minds with mystery. Hence, our vintage inventory descriptions speak of "gift ideas", "great construction", and "heirloom quality". It is no wonder why these are the pieces we so desperately desire to share with others in hope that they too will share at least some of those same feelings.    

Vintage gifts show our friends and loved ones that a lot of thought and care went into their special gift. It is very easy to run in any big box retailer and grab something, take it home, wrap it, and present it. It says something altogether more when you pour over vintage items looking and searching for that perfect gift.    

In a very similar way, we are all pouring over those precious smiles - sometimes tears too - because we realize they are slipping from our grasp. Whether with smiles or with tears, these memories are priceless - yet they continue to fade. Vintage collectibles help bring those memories back to life. 

Vintage decorations and items from yesteryear give our memories the legs they need to race back into our lives warming our hearts. When our memories come back, we then go to our family and friends and share our special experience from the past. In essence we become more relational the more vivid our memories become.    

These special relationships remind us of who we are, who we were made to be, and how important it is to keep our memories healthy. These aged trinkets and twinkling treasures resuscitate our minds causing our hearts to grow warm in a split-second. Vintage, mid-century, and antique treasures pull hard on the strings of our soul because we see the potential for one more smile from mom or dad, or to gain a few minutes with our hurried kids to show them that life was once a lot quieter and certainly much more acutely aware of others.