Vintage treasures from yesterday inspiring memories for tomorrow.

Hi, I am Lyle Daniels. I am a pastor in Central Ohio to a great and loving church family. I, my wife, and our four boys have served here now for over five years.

What was the inspiration behind Vintage Decor Addict?

The formation and birth of Vintage Decor Addict has been in the making for years. While it is just a little over a year old according to the books, the desire was formed much earlier. As a little boy, I grew up with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even some mean cousins that liked to blame everything on me. I learned priceless lessons as a little boy that have helped me down through the years to make many friends and be reminded of the importance of others. Every day I am coming closer and closer to the conclusion that older generations had a lot of good things going that at the time we all thought was simply a normal part of everyday life. On Sundays we would all gather at grandma's house. The older family members would tell stories about their childhood, teach us how to throw or shoot a ball, drive a tractor, feed the horses or cattle, throw hay on the truck, and sometimes simply wrestle with us on the ground - my uncles of course. But during this whole time something was being formed in the very foundation of my being.

It has been only recently in my life that I could start reflecting on all those gooood (stressing intended) years of my childhood and what they actually taught me now that I am a husband, a dad of four eating and growing boys, a pastor to other precious families, and a Christian. The reason it has taken this long to start is simply because I am still saddened that the good ole days go by too quickly. Laughing with family, chicken dinners, and catching grandpa's wicked knuckle balls now find their existence in sweet memories.

Thankfully, I have learned the value of family, conversations, hard work, and memories. And a crucial part of the formation of memories is actual presence. In the months leading up to the opening of our store there were several things happening all at once. There was a recent election, friends were losing jobs, others were losing unemployment benefits, I had recently completed my second Masters, we had just moved, had a water leak, house needed a new ceiling - flooring - paint - etc., dad was very sick, and my wife's Fibromyalgia was getting better then worse and back again.

Needless to say, all of those surrounding situations, circumstances, and emergencies caused me to look at the legacy I was leaving my family. Had I taught them hard work? Had I taught them the value of "old things"? Had I taught them the value of not depending on others to do it for them? Had I taught them the value of planning for tomorrow? Had I taught them the value of considering how our decisions actually affect others?

Of course, in my mind I had taught them all of these wonderful truths along with sharing many other sage-like nuggets with them on a daily if not hourly basis. However, as I started to actually look at the time I spent investing in this thing called "legacy" I realized that speaking about something is one thing but actually doing it is another thing altogether. Hence, I could start using my hands to help my boys learn how to use theirs in hopes that these great principals might go with them for the rest of their lives.

What is the purpose of Vintage Decor Addict?

So, combining all of the former experiences with these latter circumstances, out came Vintage Decor Addict. Of course, while the boys are still growing and I am still learning, we are experiencing a somewhat more enhanced life together. In essence, we have stepped out of Tron and into the real world. Now when we look at an antique secretary desk, my family might start asking questions or looking for similar pieces. Hence, this young mid-forties dad is talking with, relating to, investing in, and conversing with his kids - about vintage crock pots, glassware, milk-glass, and mid-century modern pieces that belong on an episode of George Jetson.

I always share that I want my boys to know the thrill of finding a vintage treasure, transporting it back home, rubbing on it, taking pictures of it, honestly and truthfully describing it to others who are placing a world of trust in our words, storing it in a safe place, experiencing the feeling of knowing it has sold, sending out a "Congratulations" message, packaging it safely and securely, carrying it up the steps to the post office or watching it go on the truck, and then sending a "Thank you for the encouraging feedback" response.

I want to experience and model to others - even those outside my family - that if we will work hard, invest in others, always be honest, and do our best - even when it hurts in life or business. We will begin to realize our intrinsic value - our identity of who we are, where we came from, and our purpose. Hence, we will not have to look to bosses, juggernauts of industry, or governments to find our identity, value, and purpose.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and have a very blessed day,


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